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Developing resistance against allergies is the best way to deal with the problem.

AAP KI aankhon mein, kuch mehkey huey se raaz hain.. goes a mirthy ghazal highlighting that the eyes being window to the soul, reflect and reveal one's persona. But, you do not want them to be red, watery and give a wrong reflection due to allergy.

Allergy is an over reaction of the body to a substance which it thinks would do harm. Sometimes when the substance is harmless too our body reacts in the same manner and if it is in the eye and nose, there is a flooding of tears and mucus. (Rich in immunoglobulins and lymphocytes to fight an infection)

The common causes of allergy or the allergens are specific to each person, i.e one, which is harmful need not be to the others. The common allergens are dust, pollen, animal dander, feathers and perfumes Some times allergy can be caused due to contact lenses and the lens solutions too. The allergies are worse in summer but also in dry winters. Smoke and air pollution worsen the symptoms of allergies but are not usually the cause.

Itching of the eyes, watering, redness, swelling of the eyelids, burning and tearing sensation, sensitiveness to light being the common features of eye allergy. An allergy of the eye is usually associated with allergy of the nose leading to nasal discharge, sneezing, nasal blocking etc.

Avoid exposure

Avoidance of allergens is the first effort to keep away from allergy. Persons prone to dust should try to wear masks while riding, keep air conditioners serviced before onset of summer, bedding dusted regularly etc.

Cleaning floors with damp rags would help. Regular washing of hands after playing with pets should be adhered to.

Rubbing eyes makes itching worse and should be refrained.

Since air is the primary carrier of the allergens it is not always possible to stay away and the best scenario would be to develop a resistance against the allergens. This is exactly the strength of homoeopathic medicine. Remedies can help in getting rid of the redness, swelling, tearing and burning pain, all the symptoms due to allergy and also see that over a period of time with treatment the exposure to allergens should not initiate an episode. Allium Cepa and Euphrasia are primarily the medicines helpful to alleviate both nasal and eye allergies. Apis Mel and Natrum Mur cure eye allergy which are worse during summer.

Argentum Nitricum and Sulphur help in improving resistance over the allergens.


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