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Anxiety is a common problem in children

It is that time of the year when the first drops of rain trickle down as the monsoon hits the coast. The time for children to pick up their new school bags, neatly covered brand new books and get attired in the smartly washed and ironed uniforms and shining black shoes. They seem to put their best foot forward for the challenge that lies ahead but some children seem to be overawed with the developments.

Fear or an unknown anxiety is very common in children even among the six-year-olds when they are to join school. The environs of the new class, friends and a teacher whose body language they are yet to comprehend can put a stress on their minds. Kids do not have the communication capability to express what is on their psyche but their behaviour would be enough clues for the doting parents. If they come back home, sulking, gloomy and irritable; defiant, throw tantrums and want to avoid school they are likely to be going through this phase. Children out of the habit of bed-wetting may have it again.

Acclimatisation needed

Apart from the environs, it is the temperament of the child, which can also contribute. By trying to model a positive coping style, parents can help such kids. Involving the child in the activities to prepare for school like buying books, uniform, taking them on a visit to the school will help in acclimatising early. Children should be encouraged to acquaint with their new friends and talk about inadequacies to their teacher.

A parent should always be patient to a child's concerns even as they put away the irrational fears and worries by giving practical information.

Time always does the trick as the child gradually adapts to the rigors and demands of the academics and adjusting with new friends . It is only when the fear leads to anxiety and tells upon their performance that homeopathic medicine can be used. When the child is dull, morose but amiable to suggestions Pulsatilla would help. If the child is prone to throwing tantrums Chamomilla would cajole him. A sensitive child who tends to keep things to himself; broods and has an inclination to avoid school, Staphysagria is the remedy. If a child tends to get depressed, Ignatia cures him.


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