Calcium Absorption

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Rapid calcium depletion needs to be addressed to avoid arthritis and fractures.

The formative years are of great importance for both physical and mental health. A young mother coaxing her child to have the seemingly huge cup of milk is of enormous importance.

The salient ingredient of milk is calcium, which helps in building the bones. It is only till the age of 35 that the bones are built. From then on, the withdrawal of calcium takes over.

Osteopenia is nothing but the degeneration of the bones, which happens in all individuals. But when the pace is faster than usual and more calcium is depleted from the bones (osteoporosis) is a cause for concern. The bone mass in men is better than women, so the degeneration does not affect them much. In women, the changes that occur during menarche and the childbearing years takes a toll on the calcium reserves.

Added to this is the emotional turmoil during menopause as a result of the hormonal imbalance, and the disintegration of bone cells due to decreased production of oestrogen and progesterone.

The risk of this condition progressing faster is evident in persons with a family history. Thin people are more prone to osteoporosis due to inadequate bone mass. Bedridden people who aren't active and are not exposed to ample sunlight develop this condition rapidly.

Sometimes, the body does not accumulate calcium even if the intake is sufficient. This is a result of loss of calcium during diseases. When do we fall short of calcium?

a. When the food intake lacks calcium.

b. Caffeine, tea, colas, alcohol and smoking deter the absorption of the mineral.

c. Certain drugs also cause disturbance in assimilation.

Calcium is found in milk, dairy products, green leafy vegetables and fruits like papaya, cheeku, dates and figs. Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption. Hence, it is vital to get enough exposure to sunlight. Absorption is also aided by consuming eggs and some fish oils. Since the body responds to physical stress and helps in rapid bone formation, exercise is of paramount importance. Early osteoporosis affects the quality of life by making the person prone to arthritis and easy fractures following an injury.

Homoeopathy can help reduce the problem at various stages. It helps deter the rapid degeneration of bones. When administered along with other supplements, it helps in assimilation. Calcarea phos is a primary remedy for all ages. Calcarea carb helps women who have heavy body mass but weak bone density. Phosphorus helps you tide over diseases. As a result of osteoporosis, if there is loss of bone texture, Calcarea flour is a good remedy. If inadequate nutrition and imperfect assimilation are the causes, Silicea helps. If there is degeneration of long bones due to reduced blood supply, acid flour is the remedy. In other conditions, Hekla lava is prescribed.

Excessive bleeding

I am 33 years old and get periods at an interval of 21 days. The bleeding is heavy with clots and lasts for seven days. I suffer from cramps in the abdomen during this time. Can homoeopathy help?


Symptomatically, Platina 30c taken thrice a day for three days would help in correcting the situation over a period of time. Consult a homoeopath for a follow up.

Hostel troubles

I live in a hostel and suffer from lice on the scalp. It is irritating and surprisingly, I find that the problem worsens during examinations.


Staphysagria 30c — six pills at bedtime for five days — would help.

Cervical spondylosis

I suffer from giddiness in the morning. My physician diagnosed it as cervical spondylosis due to "anterior osteophytes at C4-C5" according to the X-Ray. Can homeopathy help?

Vinod Kumar

Conium — 30c three times a day for three days — would relieve you of the vertigo. A proper follow up to treat the problem can be done by taking the total symptomatology by a homoeopath.

Side effect of diabetes

I am an insulin dependent diabetic for the past 12 years. On investigations, it was found that I have protein loss in the urine. My physician ruled out any complications for now. What should I do?


Abroma augusta mother tincture — 10 drops during bedtime for a month — is preferred. You can repeat the investigation for proteinuria before consulting again. This will help in arresting further degeneration if diet and exercise are followed as prescribed.

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