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Cellulitis should be controlled before the infection spreads to other organs

A cut, burn or an insect bite is a common occurrence in day-to-day life and would pass away with time. It is only when the cut becomes an access for the bacteria to find way into tissues underneath the skin and cause a secondary infection it becomes a cause of concern and is usually called as Cellulitis.

Our skin is an excellent barrier and keeps at bay all the harmful organisms either trying to break through or utilise an opportunity like an injury to seep through. But in certain conditions such as diabetes where the blood supply to the extremities is compromised or in those suffering from peripheral venous disease when the stagnation of the blood in the lower limbs is prominent it becomes a ground for the bacteria to cause an infection. In certain immuno-compromised individuals it could be as simple as the ulcers, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infection in between the toes the bacteria may find their way through. In certain surgeries that involves removal of organs such as the breast the drainage of the lymph can get obstructed leading to infection even as liposuction is another procedure where the patients tend to develop the same. The usual suspects being the streptococcus and the staphylococcus bacteria.

Redness, tenderness, swelling and pain at the site of the infection happen usually when the person’s attention is diverted towards it and calls for a treatment. As the infection spreads fever is not behind and commands attention. Usually the peripheries of the body like the upper and lower limbs are more prone to injuries and infection, but occasionally the face is also involved. It is imperative such infections are controlled so as to prevent formation of festering wounds and ulcers which breed bacteria and form a focus for its spread to other important organs of the body.

Sepsis and gangrene as they are called happen to be the usual complications and call for desperate measures. A blood clot may be rarely confused with an infection but the appearance of the “wound” will leave one in no doubt.

The intent of homoeopathic treatment of cellulitis is to focus on decreasing the severity of infection, speed up recovery, relieve pain locally, healing of affected skin and last but not the least in seeing that the infection does not recur.

Elevating the limb to reduce the swelling and pain would help to start with. Saline-soaked, warm or cold dressings can be applied at home to soothe the pain. Stockings can be used for the lower limbs to prevent fluid build up. Diabetics should take care of their feet well to prevent such eventualities.

Homoeopathic remedies such as Ars alb help relieve pain and help healing while Anthracinum helps relieve the pain to start with. Carbo veg is of importance as it helps perfusion of the area and aids in rapid healing. Sulph is a remedy which can prevent the recurrence while Merc sol helps if there is a open wound formed with severe pain. Lachesis, Crotalus horridus are remedies which incre ase blood circulation to the area. Secale helps individuals suffering with diabetes to get their skin and peripheral circulation in order.


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