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If backache is your bother, help is at hand.


One-fourth of the cause of absenteeism at work all over the globe is backache! Apart from the common cold, this is another condition which can trouble an individual at one point or the other.

Backaches usually refer to the pain in the lower back, an area which has taken the stress of modern day living.

Fatigue of the lower back due to stress while sitting, standing and walking during the day is normal. Sitting at a desk for prolonged hours of the day without proper support to the small of the back, leg support or standing for prolonged hours can this fatigue. People like porters or postmen, who carry heavy weights all the time can cause a stress on the back. Even children with heavy school bags can develop an uneven curvature of the spine due to the heavy weightof the bag.

Even high heels, which cause an improper balance while walking and project the weight on muscles and ligaments of the back unevenly are a cause.
Women during pregnancy and later too are more prone to backache. It could be due to the spinal injections, if any, during Caesarean sections that contribute to this. Many women, even when treated appropriately, still tend to suffer from pain called neurotic spine.

The degeneration of bones of the spine due to loss of calcium i.e. Osteoporosis and loss of structure of the bones Osteopenia are the usual suspects of back pain. Women during menopause are more prone to back problems as the hormonal imbalance leads to paucity of calcium assimilation and thereby the pain.

Infections like tuberculosis can damage the integrity of the bones and the pathology for back pain. Injuries like whiplash or even simple accidents and stress on the back while lifting weights, sudden twists and turns can all be causes for chronic pain. Obesity can cause accumulation of fat around the abdomen stressing the ligaments and tendons of the back causing backache. Constipation is not an uncommon cause with the accumulation of gas in the abdomen that can aggravate this condition.

Management and treatment

Proper posture at work, with a leg rest, support to the small of the back and walking a few paces every half an hour at work would help prevent such a problem. Endure your vehicle has good shock-absorbers. Exercise is necessary to keep the muscles of the back in a good shape and to also prevent obesity. A warm water bath, massage and bed rest rejuvenate the back better than most remedies.

Arnica is a remedy when the pain is due to overexertion. If the pain is by walking Rhus tox will help. If there is an injury of the back with the ligaments being hurt, Ruta is known to cure. If the weakness of the muscles of the back causes the pain, Kali Phos is useful, while women after delivery with pain are cured by Kali Carb.

If the loss of calcium is the forerunner for the pain, Calcarea Phos is found helpful and if the cartilage is affected then Calcarea Flour relieves. If the discs are damaged causing pain in the back and also the lower limbs, Hypericum can cure like no other remedy can.


I suffer from rash, swelling and itching almost every night. It subsides on its own but the itching compels me to take medicine. It is not related to food or clothing. Another problem is development of sty in the eyes. Can Homoeopathy help?


Apis mel 30c three times a day for three days would relieve to start with and a proper follow up would cure such a case of Urticaria. This should in the long run help prevent sty too.

Kidney stones

I have a tendency for formation of stones. As of now I've developed pain below the rib cage towards the back side and tends to spread along into the abdomen. There is burning urination too on some occasions. How can this be corrected?


Berberis vulg is one of the common remedies. But after ascertaining whether there is any calculus in the urinary tract and later the reason for the recurring formation a proper remedy can be suggested by a homoeopath.

Viral Arthritis

I had developed viral fever two months ago and still suffer from pain in the knees. More than the pain it is the stiffness that is troublesome. And movement is still a problem. Is there any Homeopathic medicine to relieve this?


Bryonia 30, three times a day for three days along Guiacum mother tincture, 10 drops in a cup of water at bedtime will relieve your pain to start with. Consult a homoeopath.


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