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Toe pain and secondary infections should be dealt with carefully.

“I am sorry Doc, but do you think a blood test can reveal the reason for this throbbing pain in my big toe!” would be a kind query on an occasion when a severe, throbbing pain arising at night disturbing sleep of the patient out of nowhere. Well there are a few reasons as to why a pain in the toes can be caused and knowing a few would only reassure one.

The byproducts of body’s metabolism lead to formation of uric acid which needs to be strained out by kidneys from the blood stream. Either due to increased intake of foods which lead to formation of uric acid or decreased clearance of the unwanted substances by the kidneys there is accumulation of uric acid deposits in the joints. Gravity plays a role and a significant amount finds its way into the toes or ankles which are the first to be affected in this disease called Gout and cause a significant pain in the toes disturbing peace and compelling one to seek relief at the first instance. This is by and large the usual reason for any pain in the toe. Colchicum, Ac.benz, Urtica urens are a few good remedies which help flush out the excessive uric acid and correct the metabolism thereby the levels are maintained.

The footwear of today is not just for the primary function of protection of the lower limbs but also a fashion statement in the sense that the tip-toed or the high heeled nature of the shoes put pressure on the toes both above and below and compel the body to provoke the formation of a layer of dead skin cells due to constant friction. This creates corns or calluses which are cone shaped with the knobby core pointing inwards causing pain on slightest pressure while stepping or walking. The friction between the toes is another factor and the moisture only adds to the problem causing secondary infection. Hypericum, Ranunculus bulb, Thuja, Antim crud are a few remedies which can relieve the pain due to the pressure of the corns on the soft tissues and curtail their growth.

Another setback the footwear can cause is the ingrowth of toenails. Due to constant pressure there is deviation of the growth of the nail and the soft tissues of the nail bed come in the way and cause severe pain. There is evidently secondary infection leading to formation of pus etc. Silicea, Thuja, Ac.nit are known to stop further progress of the toenail and infection is cleared by remedies like Calendula and Echinacea.

The body mechanism also provides for certain air filled sacs in the toes which act as shock absorbers to protect the integrity of the bones and soft tissues around in the feet. In diseases like rheumatoid arthritis wherein inflammation of the joints set in there is a condition called bursitis and thereby severe pain and swelling of the toes again. Rhus tox, Ruta and Arnica are a few remedies which can relieve the inflammation and the pain.
There is also another condition appearing at the connection of the arch of the foot and the toes called a bunion which leads to jutting out of the joints causing upward pressure and pain due to friction. Calcarea, Silicea, Phosphorus are a few homoeopathic remedies which can relieve one of the pain due to bunions.

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