Metabolic Syndrome and Homoeopathy

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If you are one of those persons whose occupation involves peering into a shiny piece of monitor all day oblivious of the surrounding world forgetting even to blink the eyes as often as one should and taste buds take control over the choice of foods to be ingested it is very likely that one is a likely candidate for the appearance of metabolic syndrome in the system. As such any disturbance in the normal chugging of the various organs of the body as a well-oiled machine is nothing but metabolic syndrome.


As such a cluster of issues which can all lead to any heart related ailment is called as metabolic syndrome. The signs of a metabolic syndrome setting into the body are in the form of increased blood pressure, increased lipid of commonly called as cholesterol levels, insulin being left unitilized int the system and increased propensity of the blood to clot are all uncalled for things.


If there is gradual increase in the amount of glucose in the blood about 110mg/dl; then it is because though there is good amount of insulin being produced in the system the transport of the sugar across the cells and tissues of the muscles where it needs to be utilized does not happen as

  • warranted and there is a build up of glucose into the blood gradually leading to Diabetes.


  • There is an increase of blood pressure levels more than 130/85 on a regular basis which can hurt the wall of the blood vessels on a consistent basis leading to arteriosclerosis etc.


Such a syndrome causes a increased level of cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood stream and the problem with this situation is that it can settle along the walls of a blood vessel gradually leading to conditions like heart attack etc.


The other problems of this syndrome are fat accumulation of liver and gradual effect on the functional units of the kidney leading to loss of proteins through urine and other problems like polycystic ovaries and in the elderly conditions like dementia etc.


The predominant causes for this syndrome to strike are genetic or environmental. Persons with parents suffering with diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidaemias are more susceptible to this condition. But the main reason is the low activity levels due to sedentary occupations and lifestyles and progressive weight gain which leads to this condition.


  • 22% of Over weight individuals, 45% of obese persons develop this condition.


An appropriate diet with less of fat and salts is ideal for keeping the metabolic syndrome at bay and if one has developed it to see that it does not encroach on the metabolism of the various organs. Needles to say an activity level needs to be increased if at all this problem has to be addressed. Many people who attempt exercise say that they have not lost much of weight after exercise but nonetheless the effect is always there on reduction of cholesterol, blood pressure and improving insulin utilization which is ultimately the need. Homoeopathic Medicine has good remedies to give the metabolism the necessary push so that it purrs into action. Remedies like Thyroidin, Insulinum, Calc carb, Lycopodium, etc. help in achieving this.




Kidney failure:

My father has been a diabetic since 15 years and has developed swelling of the body which was diagnosed to be due to Chronic Renal failure. The Creatinine is 7.2mg/dl and serum urea is 102mg/dl. and is on dialysis. He is unable to undergo transplant due to other complications. What is the role of Homoeopathy in this? – abc.

A: When most of the function of the kidney is lost it is called as Chronic Renal failure and to see that further degeneration does not take place and the need for dialysis reduced if possible to a certain extent would be the goal of treatment even as other complications need to be kept at bay. Consult a Homeopath.



I suffer from heavy bleeding every period for the past one and half years. There are clots and pain in the abdomen and have undergone investigations which reveals fibroids in the uterus. What are the homoeopathic options? – abc.

A: Menorrhagia or heavy bleeding with clots is the main problem due to fibroids which Homoeopathic medicines can correct more often than not. Consult a Homeopath.


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