Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Take regular breaks while working on a computer to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.


AN ECONOMIST notes that the jobs created in the software sector for the past five years is almost equal to the number of jobs in the public sector since Independence. So amazing is the effect of technology on the burgeoning economy. We are second to none in adapting and upgrading to new demands but sometimes our body could be affected in the bargain.

One of the common complaints of people working on computers is carpal tunnel syndrome. Seven hours a day of bent wrists and repetitive motion of the hands takes its toll, causing strain, pain, numbness and a tingling sensation down the wrist and into the palm, affecting the fingers, especially the thumb, middle and index fingers.

Over a period of time, weakness in the fingers could develop causing difficulty in holding objects and awkwardness in holding the pen while writing. The severe pain could shoot up to the forearm, compelling one to stop the activity for a while to rub and shake hands for relief.

The pain usually worsens during night or while at rest. (for call-centre professionals working through the night, pain is experienced during the day). Bones on one side and a tight ligament on the other surround the median nerve, which traverses through the wrist. Due to repetitive movements, there could be swelling or pressure over the nerve causing symptoms along the course, which is termed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


While lying down, it is advisable to prop up the arms on pillows. Avoid working with arms too close or too far from the body. Avoid resting hands on hard surfaces while working. Regular breaks should be taken to give rest to the hands and the wrists. Elbows should be held at the sides while typing. Also, avoid bending the wrists. To prevent unnecessary bending of the wrist, splints and bands can also be worn.


Homeopathic medicine has good remedies that relieve shooting pain, numbness and tingling while gradually relieving tension on the nerve and restoring fluid movements of the wrist. Bellis Perennis and Ferrum Mur are a couple of medicines that relieve acute pain. Mag Phos relieves cramps and stiffness. Actea Spicata and Causticum are also recommended.


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