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HOMOEO CALL If blood sugar level is not controlled it can lead to Diabetic retinopathy

"If I can see well, there is nothing wrong with my eyes". Well, this could be a statement of false confidence if one has been a diabetic for sometime, but has no idea about diabetic retinopathy.

The sensitive portion of the eye is the retina, which carries the visual stimulus and transfers it to the brain through the optic nerve. The retina is nourished with fine blood capillaries that flush necessary elements to it. But in some people, who are suffering with diabetes for over twenty years or in those the blood sugar levels are not appropriately controlled there are some changes that can hurt the retina.

If there's insufficient circulation to the retinal cells, its efficiency goes down as the fine blood vessels are blocked. As a natural mechanism, the body tries to improve the circulation and the vessels in the retina would balloon. When even this is not sufficient, new blood vessels start to grown, which comes in way of the retina by which the vision is affected. This stage is called as Diabetic retinopathy.


In case of complication, there could be leakage in these new blood vessels as the walls are thin and fragile. There is a sudden deterioration of vision, which is when the patient recognises the need to seek medication. Fluid can leak into the cavity disturbing the vision and even macula, the most sensitive portion of the retina that relays the stimulus, could be affected. Retinopathy changes do not cause any symptoms right from the beginning as such, even though blurred vision, sometimes floaters and flashes are common too. But they need not be necessarily due to this. It is imperative that diabetes is kept under check as it also hastens other eye ailments like glaucoma and cataract.

Stopping the disease

The goal of treatment is to prevent further progression of the disease, even as efforts are made to see that there is restoration of vision due to bleeding in the eye cavity. To keep the blood sugar levels under check, it is important to undergo an eyes examination every year to observe changes early and appropriately. Homoeopathic medicine has a role to play in various stages of the ailment. It has remedies to see that the perfusion of the retina is improved with Lithium carb, Nux vomica and Gingko biloba. When changes are seen initially, phosphorus is one of the remedies that would help in preventing progression of the retinopathy changes in the blood vessels. Arnica, Belladonna, Hamamellis, Apis, Millefolium, Lachesis, Crotalus horridus are few remedies that can relieve the inflammatory changes and see that the fine capillaries that tend to develop along the retina heal promptly, if there is any bleeding. Homoeopathic medicine is a perfect complementary medicine in this aspect.

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