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Homoeo Call Learn to handle the anxiety of back to school syndrome

This is the time when children have to get up from their sand boxes, pick up their satchels and get onto the school bus for another academic year. It is a time of mixed emotions as anxiety, unease, excitement and enthusiasm swirl in the mind and set free butterflies in the tummies. Though it is perfectly natural to go through these emotions it is only when the duration is prolonged with intensity that parents need to take care.

It is a time for new challenges and thereby a sense of terrific anxiety could take over. This forces the child to adjust to new environment and schedules leading to undue stress. At the same time, there is an excitement to meet old friends whom they would have missed for over two months and would like to share their escapades during the vacation. But if this first-day jitters are a little exaggerated with symptoms like nausea or vomiting then it is a cause for concern. Lack of appetite is a usual symptom. Some children indulge in excessive crying and throw tantrums at the drop of a hat. These children also try to avoid going to school, missing the bus etc. They could get aggressive with other children too. If the child appears dull, lethargic or morose and would not involve in family activities, parents need to be observant and help them.

They would naturally settle down in a week of opening of school but parents could help them by taking a few steps.

Visiting the school once before the session starts and if possible getting in touch with the new class teacher would calm some nerves.

Any other senior child who has gone through that year of education would help in laying down a few tricks, as he would have gone through it.

A child who has done all his summer assignments in advance and is ready with all the books and other requirements for the new year would be more confident to go through this phase.

Parents sharing their experiences of school too would help the children through this phase and is perfectly natural.

When the above steps do not restore the confidence of the child a few homoeopathic medicines can help drive away these early school blues. If the fear and anxiety causes a child to be impulsive, Argentum nitricum helps. If the child is dull, listless and lethargic to attend to his homework, Gelsemium is helpful. If the child develops fever, nausea and vomiting and is very restless, Arsenic alb helps.

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Cracked soles

The skin of my feet is dry, cracked with itching sometimes. I had a history of fungal infection between the toes too with a moist discharge. Can homoeopathy help?


Washing the feet with soap to clear the sweat and drying in between the toes after is necessary.

Since the moistness encourages growth of fungi it is imperative to change the socks daily and soaking the feet in warm water at the end of the day. Graphites 30c three times a day for three days would clear the fungal infection too.

Bleeding during pregnancy

I am in the third month of pregnancy and find spotting on some occasions. Otherwise I have no symptoms.

What should I do?


You need to be examined for the cause. It could be infection of cervix, just a harmless bleeding or even a sign of miscarriage.
Accordingly, a proper remedy can be looked for.

Minor burns

Is there any handy remedy for minor scalds and burns, which happen during cooking or carrying hot water during household jobs.

Krishna Kumari

Putting the burn under running water for about five to ten minutes before seeking medical attention would help. Cantharis 30c every one hour and application of Urtica urens would prevent infection.


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