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Our eyes are prone to infections during summer. Here are certain remedies...

Summer is the time for unlimited fun, freedom and adventure for children. Butfor parents of these school-going kids, it's a time for extra hours of vigilance. The heat and humidity takes its toll and the least taken care of amidst the conscious increase in intake of water, and avoiding the heat of the sun, are the eyes. Some people are more prone to summer allergies which affect the eyes. Our eyes are covered externally by a thin film called the conjunctiva that is capable of producing a thin, serous fluid bathing the eyelid for lubrication while containing cells to fight irritants and infections. A few people tend to react to various harmless substances and the eye produces a secretion rich in histamine to fight an infection, which, in turn, becomes a fodder to the bacteria. This exaggerated immune response is called allergy.

Allergy could be due to various trivial substances termed allergens that could be simply dust, smoke, effluents in the atmosphere, chlorine in the swimming pools, mascara applied as a cosmetic, contact lenses, fine dust in carpets, bedding, old books, curtains, animal dander of pets at home, etc. The warm weather of summer is conducive for the initiation of allergic response in the eyes. Redness of the eyes is the visible symptom of the allergy. The affected also complain of itching, pain, and irritation in the eyes. Due to constant wiping, bacteria find way and the infection causes a thick, sticky discharge. On waking, there is agglutination of eyes and they need to be washed to be cleared. There is also a burning sensation and watering of the eyes.

To ward off the effects, it is better to use goggles in the sun, trying to keep away from dust and pets, while washing the eyes at least two to three times a day would help. Homoeopathy has good remedies to clear all the symptoms due to allergy and see that with treatment, the same allergens do not evoke a similar response in the body. Apis mel, Belladonna and Natrum mur alleviate the redness of the eyes while Allium cepa and Euphrasia work well to bring down the watering of the eyes while Pulsatilla, Argentum nitricum, Sulphur and Kali sulph help treating the cause, i.e. allergy.

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