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Maintaining oral hygiene is essential for healthy teeth.

A pre-requisite for a sweet smile and confident speech is healthy teeth. So maintaining gums and oral hygiene is very important in day-to-day life. Our teeth are held by the gums and are covered by a protective enamel to ward away many bacteria around them. Due to various factors like improper brushing when the hygiene is compromised, it forms an ideal ground for the bacteria to form plaque over the teeth.

The gums are fine, pink in colour with firm and resilient tissues around to hold the teeth. But if the junction is swollen and appears red, and tender to touch very likely there is an infection.

Bleeding from the gums and pain are the two common symptoms while aggravation of infection leads to bad breath. Women during pregnancy have increased levels of hormones which tend to react more with the plaque which causes irritation and inflammation of the gums and are more prone to it; but otherwise the causes are misaligned teeth, improper brushing of teeth, deficiency of calcium , Vitamin C and intake of refined foods.
The intake of various sugar rich foods, pizza and refined foods tends to cause a gravitation of these along the gum line and overnight there is a formation of mild plaque over the surface of the teeth. If it is not properly brushed away, bacteria join the action and find a safe haven in the space between the gums and the teeth. Over a period, there is degeneration of the gums and as they recede the contour of the bone is affected too, weakening the surrounding structures to form pockets of infection.

This condition is called Periodontitis and the burrowed bone of the teeth leaves no choice for the dentist but to extricate it to maintain the harmony of oral health. To stop the plaque from irritating the gums it has to be "scaled off" by a dentist and further deposits to be avoided by proper brushing. An adequate intake of calcium through milk and Vitamin C through citrus foods and spinach would help. The infection can be overcome with help of homeopathic medicine. The swollen, spongy gums that bleed easily are restored with help of Carbo veg, Nitric acid, Phosphorus. When the crown of the tooth is affected Staphysagria helps and to prevent further degeneration of the surrounding bone Hekla lava is good. Kreosote mother tincture, a few drops added in water acts as an ideal mouthwash.

Sinusitis forever

I suffer from thick, stringy nasal discharge and frequently, irrespective of the season. The discharge has streaks of blood on some occasions.


Amm Crb 30 three doses a day for five days should help and a follow up can be done by a homoeopath.

Frequent UTI

Every other month there is fever with chills and burning sensation while and after passing urine. The diagnosis is urinary tract infection.


Uva Ursi 30 three doses a day for five days and the same repeated next month would help reduce recurrence.

Geriatric problem

My 77-year-old mother tends to forget her surroundings and talks about the past. She keeps brooding but sometimes is happy and alert.



Some diseases like Alzheimer's can cause such symptoms but once a proper diagnosis is made, remedies like Baryta carb, Phosphorus, Calc carb, Selenium, Zincum met have been found to be helpful.

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