Benign Prostate Hypertrophy

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Prostate gland enlargement, which affects the elderly, can be effectively cured

AN ELDERLY gentleman refusing a family outing if it is more than two hours and is in relentless frustration to find the nearest toilet to answer nature's call is quite possibly suffering from enlargement of the prostate gland.

A prostate gland is a walnut shaped gland below the urinary bladder and above the rectum also encircling the urethra or the outlet of the bladder. The secretion of prostate gland contributes to the semen and is of help in motility to the sperms. But as the age progresses there sets in a swelling of the gland and leading to pressure symptoms predominantly on the urinary bladder.


Frequent urge to urinate is a common symptom and could lead to sleep being disturbed more than twice at night for evacuation of the bladder. What is more disturbing is the urge to urinate could be urgent compelling one to rush and not surprisingly to find the wetting of underpants on a few occasions. Inspite of this, the flow of stream of urination could be thin. The pressure of the gland over the urethra surrounding it can cause the intermittent stoppage of urination and making one wait to start again and leading to dribbling at the end. Since the bladder is pushed up due to the enlarged prostate it could also reduce the volume and cause retention of little urine after voiding too and causes an urge sooner than later. This forms a ground for recurrent urinary tract infections and your doctor would advise tests to rule out malignancy.


Homoeopathic medicine has remedies to relieve the symptoms of urge, frequency etc. correct incontinence and prevent further hypertrophy meanwhile unburdening the effects. In cases where the patient finds difficulty in controlling the urge, Causticum relieves it. Cantharis helps get rid of the infection of the bladder due to retention of urine apart from preventing recurrence. If the urge for urination at night is frequent, Ferrum picric will be of help. The intermittent stoppage of urination will be cleared by Sabal serrulata.


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