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BURNING SENSATION in the chest - mostly referred to the area behind the breast bone - is called heartburn. This is the area of the oesophagus, which connects the lower end of the pharynx to the upper end of the stomach. It is separated from the stomach with a sphincter which preventing passage of the contents back into the oesophagus.

How does it occur? Sometimes due to excessive production of acid in the stomach, laxity of the sphincter at the lower end of oesophagus or due the decreased motility of the smooth muscles of the stomach which do not empty promptly, there is a regurgitation of the contents back into the oesophagus causing the typical heartburn. The oesophagus does not afford the protection from acid and tends to get eroded and thereby heartburn.

Associated symptoms Patients suffering from heartburn also complain of eructation's (belching), sour regurgitation of fluid into the throat after eating, nausea and in some cases vomiting too.


A sensation as if stomach is full after eating little, heaviness of the abdomen even a couple of hours after a meal does occur.


Heartburn is especially worse after eating and in some affected people wakes them at night and the unexplained discomfort like pain, confuses one with a heart attack too.

What makes it worse? Tendency to eat oily, spicy food, smoking, alcohol, other stimulants like tea and coffee are few reasons which leads to excessive production of the acid in the stomach which gradually leads to weakening of the oesophageal sphincter. Delayed food habits, tendency to lie down within an hour of eating a meal, regular intake of onion, tomatoes, sour, fatty foods, citrus fruits and chocolate could also contribute, the probability high in obese people.


Homoeopathic medicine has remedies to prevent excessive production of the acid, improving motility of the stomach helpful in curing the reflux disease besides giving immediate symptomatic relief. Natrum Carb and Nux Vomica help improve the motility of the stomach and digestion. Ac.Sulph and Mag carb balance the acid production necessary for digestion. Asafoetida and Carbo Veg give symptomatic relief from heartburn.

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Retinal haemorrhage

I am an insulin dependent diabetic for the 25 years and have undergone laser surgery in the eye for the retinal haemorrhage. Can homoeopathy help in preventing further retinal degeneration?


PHOSPHORUS 30C six pills at bedtime for five days and the same medicine every three months will help prevent further degeneration provided the blood sugar levels are kept under normal limits with the medicines you are using.

Insecure feeling

I underwent "Hysterectomy" an year ago and since then have developed an insecure feeling as if some incurable disease is going to strike me and has got me into a state of depression though all investigations have ruled out anything.


LILIUM TIG IM six pills at bedtime will help in tide you over this insecurity and anxiety.

Urine retention

I am 23-year-old and have to strain to pass urine. I consulted a urologist who found that there is retention of urine in the bladder due to stricture urethra. Can homoeopathy help?


CANTHARIS 200C six pills three times a day for five days would give you symptomatic relief and on taking all your case details, proper homoeopathic medicines can be suggested to help you get rid of the problem.

Back pain

I suffer from pain in the low back, which started after an injury. The MRI shows sacralization of L5-S1? Can homeopathy be of help?

Sudha Anjali


ARNICA 200C three times a day for a week will give symptomatic relief and a proper follow up should keep the pain at bay.


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