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Tackle stress effectively to perform better at workplace

AMONGST THE various factors influencing occupation or for that matter even day to day life, anxiety is a primary factor. It can give us the necessary impetus to gear up for the tasks with more resolve. It could negatively influence and deter productivity .

The time driven, goal oriented and punishing schedules in the occupations of the day put a lot of stress on individuals leading to anxiety.


Anxiety creates a pervading sense of unease and fear, diminishing quality of life. Affected people tend to get jittery and disturbed and can react in a startled manner on receiving information not really bad enough to warrant that reaction.

At meetings and conferences they seem to be tight lipped with a sensation of lump in the throat, tend to tremble and sweat and have a racing and pounding heart when their turn to express opinion comes.

All these symptoms could translate into difficulty working with colleagues and clients, trouble concentrating, preoccupation over the fear instead of focusing on work, and turning down assignments because of fear of failure, flying, going in to the elevator, or public speaking.

How can homoeopathy help?

People with anxiety should come out and try to discuss their situation with their confidantes and this ventilation itself will be of a great help. They need to take a break from worry by playing sports, listening to music, praying, or meditating. Counselling will be of importance.

Homoeopathic medicine has excellent remedies to get rid of the symptoms and prevent further complications like the patient going into depression. It can allay the unduly worry and anxiety too.

Argentum nitricum is indicated primarily for anxiety when there is an impulsivess to do tasks. Aurum Met cures if the anxiety gradually leads to depression. Gelsemium relieves the dullness and listlessness and laziness to attend to one's duties. Staphysagria relieves the anxiety due to suppressed emotions.


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