Chronic Kidney Disease

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Kidney failure can trigger a host of complications sometimes irreversible


Kidney is a vital organ of the body with multiple roles. Apart from detoxifyingthe blood and making it fit to carry appropriate nutrition, it also helps make the red blood cells by producing a hormone called erythropoietin and balances various minerals in the body. Take for example calcium and phosphorus which helpthe bones to be in shape and sturdy.

The bone tissues are constantly being remodelled and rebuilt while they are fortified with calcium and phosphorus. The balance of these minerals is maintained by the kidney with the help of calcitriol that it produces. This enzyme takes the help of the Vitamin D which is gained from sunlight and helps in assimilation of the minerals into the bones. In chronic kidney diseases or End Stage Renal Failure, the functioning of the kidney declines and the minerals are not assimilated causing weakness and brittleness of bones. These changes become apparent only when it becomes irreversible and it makes it that much more imperative to balance these hormones in such patients at the earliest even as they are under treatment with medication and dialysis.

Whenever there is a drop in calcium in the blood the parathyroid glands which maintain the calcium metabolism produce an excess amount of parathormone which makes the calcium ease off the bones. The reduced kidney function leads to excessive phosphorus in the blood circulation which is not flushed out of the system and this in turn initiates the action of parathormone. So it is imperative that patients with kidney disease do not ingest phosphorus rich foods.

Calcitriol production is lowered when the kidneys fail to function at full capacity and even if enough calcium is in circulation in the body it is not absorbed into the bones.

This complex abnormality is referred to as CKD-MBD (chronic kidney disease – mineral bone disorder). To balance the above and see that the bone and minerals remain strong to see the patient through with the medication for kidney diseases remains the need of the hour. There are some calcium carbonate and calcium acetate supplements which see that the phosphorus remains unabsorbed from the large intestines.

Increasing the dialysis flow rate is also one of the ways to check phosphorus levels. When the production of calcitriol is affected it is given in the synthetic form. A good treatment regimen, including proper attention to diet, dialysis and medications can improve the body's ability to repair bones damaged by CKD-MBD.

Homoeopathic medicine can be of help as they help in improving the calcium assimilation into the tissues with remedies like Calc carb, Calc phos, Symphytum, Hekla lava etc. The overactive parathyroid glands are also calmed down by remedies like Iodum, Lycopodium, Thujaetc. Remedies like Natrum mur also help the Vitamin D to be transformed into calcitriol too.

Kidney failure affects all systems in the human body. Bones too are affected. A good understanding of the mechanism of damage and holistic approach can mitigate this morbidity.


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