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The pain in the joints is a sign of trouble that requires attention.


Of all the joints in the body probably elbow joint is the least complaining of all and if there is pain, swelling and tenderness in that joint, in all likelihood the attention it seeks is valid. The elbow joint is a compendium of various sheaths and ligaments of the arm and forearm converging in the area and the bony structure that one can feel on the elbow is the olecrenon process which is the seat of all problem if any arises in the joint. It is the top of the ulnar bone which ends down into the wrist. This bony portion is protected by a fine sac of fluid called the bursa which in turn could get swollen and is called as bursitis. Just as all the joints of the body are covered by cartilage a tissue which prevents any friction between the bones during articulation so too with the elbow and any disruption of this layer is called arthritis and if such a thing occurs with ageing it is called as osteoarthritis. Though unlikely with the elbow it is an occurrence in certain number of cases either due to an old injury or fracture there is a likelihood and the patient complains of grating or a locking sensation in the elbow.


If there has been a trauma to the elbow with pain and swelling and the movement is restricted with some obvious deformity it needs attention as it could be a fracture. In case if the pain and swelling is there on movement of the wrist or elbow, without much swelling and gets worse on lifting etc. it could be due to a condition called tennis elbow and is more common with people playing tennis or golf. If the pain is on the inner side of the elbow joint and traverses either up the arm it could occur in individuals used to playing baseball etc. and the repetitive movements of the joint, can, over a period of time, cause an injury. If there is an obvious swelling of the area with tenderness on touch very likely it is bursitis and would occur usually after a trauma.

In conditions like polyarthritis where many joints of the body are involved in diseases like rheumatoid arthritis wherein there is degenerative changes in many joints, some infective diseases like gonorrhoea as the pathogens find haven in the joint spaces; elbow can get involved too and there is pain and swelling of the joint with difficulty in mobility. In infective diseases like streptococcal infection of the throat etc. fever and chills are likely to be involved too.

Cervical spondylosis

If the pain seems to traverse along the arm into the elbow and sometimes with pain in the chest it needs to be differentiated with other chest diseases. Not to forget is the usual condition of cervical spondylosis when the pain comes along the nape of the neck, into the shoulder region and along the arm.

But the elbow usually complains when high demands are put over it over a period of time due to sports when high-shear forces across the joint can lead to cartilage breakdown over a period of years. So it is highly imperative that sportsmen maintain muscular strength around the elbow with proper conditioning and technique.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to cajole the elbow joint to normalcy. Arnica is the remedy for injury with swelling. If there is swelling with pain and the bursa is involved, Rhododendron helps. As it tends to develop into osteoarthritis, Rhus tox prevents it. If there is pain along the forearm, Hypericum helps. Calc phos helps when the density of the bones around is the cause of the problem and Calc flour helps the joint not to degenerate further while Ruta helps most of the symptoms of pain related to the elbow joint.


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