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If a smoker develops change in voice which does not respond to the routine treatment for four weeks he should get checked for a condition like cancer.


When there is an abnormal change in the voice ranging from breathy, raspy and strained with variation in the volume either high or low considering the usual voice of the individual it is termed as hoarseness or medically dysphonia. Predominantly hoar seness could occur after a cold which seems to settle down in the throat or larynx or a high decibel cheer group at the usual sport. Not that Indian cricket fans have anything to cheer but for the muffled disappointed groans.

The voice box or the larynx with the vocal cords open and close and the air passing in and out makes the larynx produce voice. But if there is an inflammation of the larynx due to whatever reason hoarseness develops. It could develop after a common cold or more so in people prone to conditions like sinusitis where the nasal secretions could drop back into the throat and the accumulation of mucus causing the alteration of voice and also a dry, irritating cough. The occurrence is also noted in individuals with hyperacidity as the increased gastric secretions can boil up the oesophagus and to irritate the larynx apart from also causing the throat infections and in people who tend to go to bed within an hour of dinner can only worsen the situation as the secretions reach up to the larynx easily as they are in the supine position.

Hoarseness is an occupational hazard too as teachers, commentators, stock brokers who tend to overuse their voice can hasten the formation of nodules in the vocal cords and the irritation of the membranes around would never allow the area to heal and only worsen after everyday at work. If one is a smoker and has developed change in voice which does not respond to the routine treatment for a period of four weeks they would do well to examine themselves for a condition like cancer. Certain viral infections are also known to infect the larynx. Derangement of thyroid function and other neurological disorders have been known to cause an alteration of the voice.

To start with a smoker should contemplate quitting as it can never be cured otherwise. Passive smokers would well know that they are at a greater risk and beware. In case of individuals prone to allergies they would be better off trying to avoid being exposed to dust and other allergens. People with hyperacidity should reduce oily and spicy foods in their diets which can aggravate the condition otherwise. People who need to use their voice should know to rest when unwarranted. Since dryness of throat can only worsen hoarseness, people with a tendency for the ailment would be well advised to keep sipping water often. Singers would be better off taking a break whenever the condition seems to get worse.


Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to correct the condition under the circumstances. In people with recurrent cold, Kali bich, Corallium rubrum remedy hoarseness. Magnesia carb clears hoarseness due to hypera cidity. Selenium, Argentum nitricum and Arg. Metallicum help people whose voice is affected due to over strain. Bryonia, Spongia and Alumina would help when the dryness of throat makes the condition worse. All in all, this system of medicine seldom fails to remedy hoarseness of voice.


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