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Tonsils are basically protective agents, but infection caused to them can cause problems.

IN THE cricket paradigm a stoic defence is the sign of a good player. So too in health, immunity is an indicator of good health and the probability of retaining it. The first line of defence in the human body are the tonsils which ward off bacteria, viruses and other infective agents and protect the throat, mouth, sinuses, ear and lungs.

Tonsils are a pair of soft tissue at the back of the throat and behind the tongue and along with adenoids at the back of the nose are the main protective agents. But sometimes the infection by these agents could be so overwhelming that the tonsils and adenoids could get infected and could form a source of infection too. Tonsillar affection will cause pain in the throat, difficulty in swallowing and associated with fever. Predominantly there could be a throat irritation with a desire to clear the throat often but the expectoration does not come easily.

The voice becomes heavy with development of cough. Due to the increase in size of tonsils and adenoids, there could be blockage of the nose causing obstruction in breathing. Throat pain could radiate into ears and mimic an ear infection. There is a general malaise, loss of appetite, runny nose, etc. Bad breath is another symptom. All the above symptoms can be caused at the slightest instance of exposure to cold, dust, smoke, or intake of cold drinks or an ice cream.

Speedy cure

Homoeopathic medicine has excellent remedies to see get rid of the acute infections in real quick time. Tonsillitis can occur as an over reaction to harmless agents. The remedies can prevent the same and prevent undue attacks. It will improve resistance thereby allaying further episodes. Hepar Sulph & Silicea subdue the undue sensitiveness to exposure or intake of cold leading to sore throat. Baryta Carb cures and prevents further episodes of tonsillitis. Kali Bich helps in clearing the respiratory passage and relieves snoring. Baryta Iod & Calcarea Iod help reduce the swelling of the tonsils thereby clearing the respiratory obstruction.

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