Apthous Ulcers

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Read on to find out remedies for those recurring mouth ulcers.


If you have a tongue-in-cheek expression and are surreptitiously refraining from partaking the better part of the dinner at the party, despite being the guest of honour, most probably you are suffering from a mouth sore. Aphthous or stomatitis as it is usually termed is an appearance of a few, small ulcers in the mouth, usually inside of the lips, cheeks and on the tongue.

These fine ulcers tend to have a yellow crust and a deep red base and are painful, which is the only troublesome symptom. This can cause difficulty in speech, swallowing, etc. It could take about two weeks to resolve but in cases where it is recurrent, there would be a new ulcer, which frustrates the patient, that he is never rid of them.


Though there is no particular cause for these aphthous to occur, some people find themselves allergic to certain foods like coffee, chocolate, cheese, nuts, citrus fruits and potatoes.

If the aphthous are recurrent, as in most of the cases, it is due to a viral infection or a usually symbiotic (helpful) bacteria in the mouth turning harmful even as our immune system does not recognise the renewed status and, thereby, formation of ulcers.

People wearing braces during dental treatment, chipping off of the teeth and the rough edges rubbing against the membrane, and chronic gum infections also contribute. Poor nutrition always expresses itself in the form of these aphthous and also the assimilation of the vital nutrients not taking place is a common cause.

Stress may the last expressed cause but not necessarily the least and one would find prone people developing them before an examination or an expected ordeal. It is also associated with some chronic and deep-rooted ailments too.


Improved fluid intake and proper oral hygiene would go a long way in preventing the recurrence.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies that help in reduction of pain and duration of ulceration while seeing that the assimilation of the nutrients improves so that the frequency and intensity of the problem gradually reduces as treatment progresses.

Borax helps when the ulcers are painful and bleed easily. When there is a swollen tongue with imprint of teeth, Hydrastis and Mercurius seldom fail. The typical punched out ulcers are helped by Kali bich. If the ulcers fail to heal for long, Kali chlor restores the assimilatory capacity, as does Arsenic alb.


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